OMNI-RÉUNIS Co-Director Dr. Hélène Carabin Elected as Member of the US National Academy of Medicine

We’re thrilled to announce that Dr. Hélène Carabin, our OMNI-RÉUNIS Co-Director and a professor at the University of Montreal’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and School of Public Health, has been elected to the prestigious US National Academy of Medicine (NAM) during their annual meeting on October 9. This is a tremendous honour in the fields of health and medicine, recognizing individuals with remarkable professional achievements and societal engagement.
Dr. Carabin is one of the very select groups of foreign experts to receive this honour among the 100 new members this year, including 10 from outside the United States. She joins 21 Canadians and 5 Quebecers who have been elected to NAM in the past and is the first affiliated with the University of Montreal.
Her work revolves around promoting “One Health,” emphasizing the interconnectedness of human, animal, and environmental health. As the Canada Research Chair in Epidemiology and One Health, she conducts research to understand and control zoonotic diseases, contributing to a broader awareness of the One Health concept. Congratulations to Dr. Hélène for this extraordinary achievement! To learn more, please visit the official page.