OMNI-RÉUNIS Annual Meeting 2023-2024

Organizing Committee

Dr. Huaiping Zhu (York University), Dr. Hélène Carabin (Université de Montréal), Dr. Mark Lewis (University of Alberta), Natasha Ketter (York University), Shivika Adhwaryu (York University) and IT support by Steven Chen (York University).

The Annual Meeting 2023-2024, featuring the lab opening ceremony, was hosted by the One Health Modelling Network for Emerging Infections (OMNI-RÉUNIS) and the Centre for Disease Modelling. If you missed it, you can watch the entire meeting below!

OMNI-RÉUNIS Annual Meeting 2023-2024

CDM-OMNI-RÉUNIS Lab Opening Ceremony Speakers

Amir Asif, Vice President Research, York University

Nicholas Ogden, Senior Research Scientist, Public Health Agency of Canada

Rui Wang, Dean of Science, York University

Kumar Murty, Director of the Fields Institute, University of Toronto

Annual Meeting Presenters and Speakers

Amy Greer

Amy Hurford

Avneet Kaur

Bouchra Nasri

Christian Muise

Emily Acheson

Elda Laison  

Frithjof Lutscher

Ghazaleh Babanejad

Hélène Carabin

Huaiping Zhu

Haysn Hornbeck

Iain Moyles

John Amuasi

Jacques Bélair

Junlign Ma

Jane Parmley

Jhoana Romero 

Joseph  Baafi

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Kristin Murrey

Mark Lewis

Manos Papagelis

Marine Hubert

Norma Forero

Patrick Leighton

Philip Ciunkiewicz

Pei Yuan

Suzan Farhang Sardroodi

Shohel Ahmed 

Shan Gao

Shivdeep Hayer

Xiaoyan Deng 

Zahid Butt

Annual Meeting 2023-2024 Photos

We thank all our in-person and online participants for joining us!

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