Meet Our Highly Qualified Personnel (HQPs)

Supporting OMNI-RÉUNIS research projects, our Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) are the driving force behind our groundbreaking work. They also feature in our Super Spreader Seminar Series, sharing their latest research with the world. Discover our talented HQP and stay updated on their cutting-edge contributions.

Meet our team of HQPs Empowering the Next Generation: Meet our team of Highly Qualified Personnel (HQPs)

Alison Paredes Queen’s University

Amit Chakraborty University of Alberta

Avneet Kaur University of British Columbia Okanagan

Bentley Huffington Mount Allison University

Chapin Korosec York University

David Dick York University

Emily Acheson Université de Montréal

Ethan Callanan Queen’s University

Fiona LeClair-Robertson Queen’s University

Francisca Olajide University of Ottawa

François Viard Université de Montréal

George Adu-Boahen Memorial University

Ghazaleh Babanejad York University

Gian Alix York University

Grace Nichol University of Guelph

Haysn Hornbeck University of Calgary

Helen Wilson University of Warwick

Isha Berry University of Toronto

Jeta Molla York University

Jhoana Romero University of Manitoba

Jing Li York University

Joseph Baafi Memorial University of Newfoundland

Joshua Renault Memorial University

Juping Ji University of Alberta

Kamal Acharya University of Guelph

Maria Martignoni Memorial University

Marine Hubert Université de Montréal

Melanie Cousins University of Waterloo

Mohamed Ibrahim University of Bonn

Nina Yanin York University

Norma Forero Université de Montréal

Olivia Tardy Université de Montréal

Pei Yuan York University

Philip Ciunkiewicz University of Calgary

Rena Yang University of Waterloo

Riley Oremush University of Guelph

Samaneh Gholami York University

Shan Gao University of Alberta

Shivdeep Singh Hayer University of Guelph

Sonia Gazeau University of Montreal

Suzan Farhang Sardroodi York University

Tilemachos Pechlivanoglou York University

Xiaoyan Deng University of Montreal

Zahra Mohammadi University of Guelph