Publications by OMNI Members

Efficacy of a “stay-at-home” policy on SARS-CoV-2 transmission in Toronto, Canada: a mathematical modelling study

Pei Yuan, Juan Li, Elena Aruffo, Evgenia Gatov, Qi Li, Tingting Zheng, Nicholas H. Ogden, Beate Sander, Jane Heffernan, Sarah Collier, Yi Tan, Jun Li, Julien Arino, Jacques Bélair, James Watmough, Jude Dzevela Kong, Iain Moyles and Huaiping Zhu. April 19, 2022 10 (2) E367-E378.

Projections of the transmission of the Omicron variant for Toronto, Ontario, and Canada using surveillance data following recent changes in testing policies

Pei Yuan, Elena Aruffo, Yi Tan, Liu Yang, Nicholas H. Ogden, Aamir Fazil, Huaiping Zhu. In Infectious Disease Modelling (2022).

School and community reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic: a mathematical modelling study

Yuan Pei, Aruffo Elena, Gatov Evgenia, Tan Yi, Li Qi, Ogden Nick, Collier Sarah, Nasri Bouchra, Moyles Iain and Zhu Huaiping (2022).R. Soc. open sci.9211883211883

Agent-based epidemiological modeling of COVID-19 in localized environments

P. Ciunkiewicz, W. Brooke, M. Rogers, S. Yanushkevich “An agent-based simulation framework for modeling COVID-19 spread in highly localized environments”. Computers in Biology and Medicine (2022)

When host populations move north, but disease moves south: counter-intuitive impacts of climate warming on disease spread

E. Joe Moran, Maria Martignoni, Nicolas Lecomte. Patrick Leighton and Amy Hurford (2022).

An environmental scan of one health preparedness and response: the case of the Covid-19 pandemic in Rwanda

Gloria Igihozo, Phaedra Henley, Arne Ruckert, Charles Karangwa, Richard Habimana, Rosine Manishimwe, Leandre Ishema, Hélène Carabin, Mary E. Wiktorowicz & Ronald Labonté (2022).

Beyond Zoonoses in One Health: Non-communicable Diseases Across the Animal Kingdom

B. Natterson-Horowitz, Marion Desmarchelier, Andrea Sylvia Winkler and Hélène Carabin (2022).

Epidemic Spreading in Trajectory Networks

Tilemachos Pechlivanoglou, Jing Li, Jialin Sun, Farzaneh Heidari, Manos Papagelis. Big Data Research, 27 (2022), 100275

Effectiveness of non-pharmaceutical interventions to reduce SARS-CoV-2 transmission in Canada and their association with COVID-19 hospitalisation rates

Rees EE, Avery BP, Carabin H, Carson CA, Champredon D, Dougherty B, Nasri BR, Ogden NH (2022+). Can Commun Dis Rep.

Risk of COVID-19 variant importation – How useful are travel control measures?

Arino, Julien, Boelle, Pierre-Yves, Milliken, Evan M and Portet, Stephanie. In Infectious Disease Modelling (2021).

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